Childrens Area

Members of the Saugerties Key Club and Saugerties Boys and Girls Club will assist children with pumpkin decorating and other fun activities at the Children's Craft Tent.  They will be supported by volunteers from the community.  Additionally, members of the Saugerties Teachers Association will display their talents at face painting.

Climb Time

For older children, for a nominal fee, we will have the following available: A Climbing Wall, from Climb Time, Inc. This is one of the first portable rock climbing walls in upstate, NY. It provides an easy, fun and safe way to experience the excitement and challenge of rock climbing. The wall stands 24 feet high and provides 4 different climbing routes, of varying difficulty. It is appropriate for climbers from 3 to 81 years old. The wall provides dual, built-in safety measures to automatically lower the climbers slowly and safely to the ground. For more information, check out their Web site at